Step 1: Changing appearance

1. Change of appearance.

Appearance is important.
Companies use logo’s to distinguish themselves from others.

Apple is probably one of te most famous countries in the world.
Everyone knows te Apple logo. Do they?
Which of the following is te real logo?



Although you get older, you tend not to notice that.
But look back on old photographs of yourself. Sometimes it’s stunning.
The same thing happens to your favourite social media network. They change all the time. Usually you don’t notice, because the changes are small.

See for yourself. Look up the logo’s of Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram.
Or one of your own favourites.

How have these platforms changed over the years? Download the logo’s and put them on a timeline.
You can do that online on a platform like this.

Your timeline starts in 2003.
Linkedin started in 2003
Facebook in 2004
Twitter 2006
Instagram 2010

You could also do this online on a platform like Prezi or on:  or  or or
Or you could do it in Word, or print them out and do it on paper.