Step 3: The future

This is where we make a full circle and return to step 1 of this course.
Remember you researched your own social media activities.
You also learned that when you post something on social media, it’s open for everyone to see.
But just think of your future once again, and think of all the things, sometimes stupid things, you may have posted.

Your future school or employer can also see those posts. And they may have access to your Big Data.
And remember in step two, you found out that you’re aloud to do and say as you wish (freedom of speach) but that everyone is also free to collect public information.

Answer these questions in the poll the teacher will open:

Should colleges be allowed to take your social media into account when reviewing applications?  

Should employers be able to take your social media pages into consideration when hiring?  

Should employers/colleges be able to look at your friend’s posts that you are tagged in? 

Do you think a bad internet footprint is viewed as worse than lying on your resume? 

Do you think a bad internet footprint is indicative of bad character?