Step 2: Big data

The information that is collected about you is called Big Data.
Probably you’ve heard this expression before now.
And you may also have heard that this big data is sold .

Let’s take a look.


Have you ever read the terms and conditions for a computer programme or an app?
Probably not. And anyway, if you deny these, you don’t get the app.
So it  could all be quite scary.
But think a little further.
It’s not all negative.

What are the positive aspects of you being tracked all the time?
Name three things.

When all the students have given their answers, make a top ten.

Then start a classroom discussion about the following:

Just how far will it go?
What will the future look like?
What are the worst case scenario’s?
What will your social medium look like in the future? 

What will your device look like?