Step 1: Digital footprint

Digital footprint.

Watch the first episode at least of this series:

And now just sit back and think about it for a moment.
Everywhere you go on the internet, you’re leaving traces, so called cookies.
You are often asked to accept cookies when you visit a webpage.
Cookies are following you, wherever you go, whatever you do.


And even if you do delete the cookies on your computer, internet providers are by law compelled to save all the data they have on you for one year.
Just what does data look like? Well, really everything you do is recorded. It looks something like this:


Don’t be too scared. Or maybe do be scared. But just for the fun of it. let’s take yesterday:

Just what did you do online?
How much did you use your mobile device, or a tablet, or computer?
Where did you go whilst you were online?
What social media platforms did you visit?
What did you do there?

Are you using a smart TV at home. What did you see?
Write it down and take time to let that sink in, knowing that some machine is following you around all the time.

Get the students to write about their digital day and post this on the board.





Teacher Tip

There will be differences, there will be overlap.
It might be nice to make diagrams out of the outcome.
In what way do external factors have influence on students activities? (peers, parents?)