Step 4: Alter ego

Have you ever experienced that somebody pretends to be someone he or she in reality is not on internet?

On social media it’s easy to be someone you are not.
Let’s see just how easy. You’re going to create a new image for yourself.
Describe yourself using this scheme.
Then draw a picture of yourself on a new piece of paper.

When you are finished, you are going to create an alter ego.

Think about someone you want to be on the internet.

Describe your ‘new me’ using the same questions as before.

Now you’re going to make an avatar for your alter image.
Go to this website to do that. And if you like more try this one.
If you are handy with Photoshop or Pixlr you could also use one of those. You can use the video below to help you.



Teacher Tip

Students can post their new avatar on a social media website or a class site. (Offline version, see below)

Let them choose one of the avatars of their classmates. Ask them to react to that image twice; once as their original self, once as their alter ego.
Once everybody has posted, look to see what differences there are between the two.
Try to find out if students tend to react more freely if they post reactions under an alter ego.

Offline version: Tell the students the drawing has to look like themselves as much as possible.

For the socond part they can let their fantasy go, but still keep uit real.