Step 4: Camera’s around the world

Even if you don’t agree on this matter, it happens. You are being filmed all day.
In the Netherlands it is estimated that for every 8 people there is 1 public camera, filming what’s going on in the streets or in shops for example.
There are 4500 on the Dutch motorways alone.

Take a look at this website. What kind of figures are there for the country you live in?

In what places do you think it’s a good idea that there are camera’s watching over you?

Where should there definitely not be camera’s?



Teacher Tip

Start an online discussion:

  • Start up a Twitter wall and see what answers come in.

Start a verbal discussion

  • Start up a Flip-over wall using post-its.
  • Write down the questions, using one flip-over per question.
  • Let students write down ‘good’ and ‘bad’ places for camera’s.