Step 4: Positive and negative aspects

What are social media about?

Social media are not always about having fun.
They can be practical and educational.

It can be used for good causes, but it can also be used in a very bad way.

Make a list of ten positive aspects of social media.

Then make a list of ten negative aspects of social media. 

It is not a competition. There is no right or wrong answer.
It is about your opinion, and how you share your opinion with others.

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Teacher Tip

  • Give examples. So if you choose education, an example might be: ‘sharing answers to a task the teacher gave using facebook’.
  • Show the questions on the classroom board and ask the students to make the lists in groups of two.
  • Then ask the students to join another group to discuss their outcomes.
  • Make a list of the top 3 positive and negative aspects.
  • Find out if there are large differences between the answers and start a discussion on the outcomes.