How to use this course


All students answers are to be given on a medium the pupils have access to. Choose out of the following

– Create a blog like WordPress. Give your students an authors account on this blog. Here they can post their answers and also respond to each others work.
– Make a class account for Twitter. Use a hashtag your students will use for posting. Display the twitterfeed on the board.
– Make a class account on Facebook. Make it a private account. Display the account on the board during classes.
– Or use another bulletinboard students are familiar with. (Yammer, blackboard?)

You can choose to do one or more of the above. Do what you are most comfortable with. Make sure you are the moderator.
Tip: Let students help set up the account.
Alternatively you could keep the course analogue by having students hand in their tasks on a paper like this. After which you could post the papers on a wall in the classroom.

You can run the course in three different ways:

-Teacher paced:
In this case the teacher will be the course leader. He will keep control of time and task management.

– Student paced:
In this case, the student will run through the assignments in his own tempo.
After making the basic tasks he may go on to the tasks in a deeper level.

– Hybrid:
The teacher can choose to blend the two previous options to his own wish.

The assignments for the first two are labelled accordingly:
TP: teacher paced
SP: Student paced

To make sure this course has full effect, it is recommended to use a digital platform.
If you wish to make use of the Leerpodium facilities (a.o. a blog for each student and a class feed) contact us at for details.

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